Vicksburg Iron

Season 4 Episode 13: Vicksburg Iron

The team salvages an iron storefront. Mike builds a table for country music duo Thompson Square.

Scotts Bvd church

Season 4 Episode 12: Scott Boulevard Baptist Church

The Dawgs travel to Decatur, Georgia, to salvage the Scott Boulevard Baptist Church. Back at the shop, Mike and Tay build an iron console.

a man operates a bobcat

Season 4 Episode 11: Tully Choice Cabin

The Dawgs save steps and chimney rocks from a 1765 log cabin at Smith Mountain Lake. Gracie takes the team to a local glass blowing artist to make pieces for a chandelier. Robert and Ted also pick through a barn.

American Viscose plant

Season 4 Episode 10: American Viscose Plant

The Dawgs save a kiln from the American Viscose Plant in Roanoke, Virginia. Mike and Tay work together to build custom tables for a local optometrist’s office.

an open window in an apartment

Season 4 Episode 9: Wheeling Apartment

The Dawgs salvage elements from an apartment building in Wheeling, West Virginia. Mike builds a wine tasting table from an old lamppost and barrel staves at Black Dog Salvage.

Denny Riverboat

Season 4 Episode 8: Denny Riverboat

The Salvage Dawgs save a calliope from a riverboat in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Courtney collaborates with Mike to build a mirror from pieces of wall trim at the shop.

Geyser Gulch

Season 4 Episode 7: Return to Geyser Gulch

The Dawgs return to Geyser Gulch at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Back at the warehouse, Mike builds a garden arbor out of two doors.

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Mike Whiteside and Ted Ayers on a salvage job

Season 4 Episode 6: Terracotta Silo

The Dawgs struggle to take down a terracotta silo in Bedford, Virginia. Back at the shop, Mike builds a coffee table from an old factory cart.

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Elks National home

Season 4 Episode 5: Elks National Home

The Dawgs salvage parts of the Elks National Home in Bedford, Virginia. Back in the woodshop, Mike builds a swing from a salvaged apple crate and upholsters cushions from old postal bags.

Clapp WIndmill

Season 4 Episode 4: Clapp Windmill

The Dawgs salvage an Aeromotor windmill in Liberty, North Carolina. Back in the wood shop, Mike uses salvaged barn wood and iron to build a floor lamp.

Old Robeson County Jail

Season 4 Episode 3: Old Robeson County Jail

The Dawgs salvage a 1950s jail in Lumberton, North Carolina. Mike and Tay build a bar from a bowling alley floor at the shop.

Bemis Mill

Season 4 Episode 2: Bemis Cotton Mill

The Dawgs salvage the Bemis Cotton Mill in Jackson, Tennessee. Mike builds a bookshelf using the panels from a door at the warehouse.

Ted Ayers at Geyser Gulch

Season 4 Episode 1: Geyser Gulch

The Dawgs salvage Geyser Gulch at Silver Dollar City. Mike builds a hostess stand for a restaurant.