Black Dog Salvage LOVEwork

This LOVEwork was created in the Black Dog Salvage custom fabrication shop and filmed for an episode of Salvage Dawgs.

L                      mix of industrial elements and musical instruments

O                     two industrial spools, painted in the colors of the rainbow

V                     reclaimed hand hewn pine beams from the late 1800s

E                      fabricated from German stainless steel brewery piping

  • The ‘L’ includes an early 1960’s trombone from the USS Independence CVS-62 ship’s band, courtesy of LT Sonny Fleisher USN.
  • The ‘50’ located in the center of the ‘O’,  is a former speed limit sign commemorating 50 years of the Virginia is for Lovers slogan. 
  • The graffiti benches are made from train car sides.
  • The bases are salvaged I-beams from the former Boulevard at the Capital Centre in Largo, MD.

The Black Dog Salvage LOVE is one of more than 160 giant LOVE letters, called LOVEworks, in towns and cities across the Commonwealth. Each LOVE installation is a reflection of the community in which it stands.  Discover other LOVEworks throughout the state at

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