SOS Marine, a boat

Season 9 Episode 13: SOS Marine Salvage

Mike and Robert head to Amelia Island, Florida, and get lessons in diving and safety so they can salvage under water. They recover old ship parts from the bottom of the ocean and transform them into an original piece.

Grayson Goldsmith carries a piece of salvaged wood at the Taylor family farm

Season 9 Episode 12: Taylor Family Farm

The team heads to Yorktown, VA, to pick through an old farm and former Native American settlement. Mike and Tay handle the heavy lifting outside to save a galvanized steel boat, while Robert, Grayson and Ted tackle the farmhouse.

log cabin

Season 9 Episode 11: Log Cabin & Timber Frame

The crew finds a gem with a log cabin tucked inside an old farmhouse, but they struggle to disassemble and demo the property due to the ever-increasing mud. They must also meticulously document the placement of each log, beam, and window to rebuild.

apple barn

Season 9 Episode 10: Apple Barn

The team heads to Winchester, VA, to salvage an abandoned orchard barn but they must pick through years of trash and treasures before they begin. Mike, Tay and Grayson then put a pattern back together to create a chandelier base and new light.

country store

Season 9 Episode 9: Country Store and Gas Station

The crew heads to Grottoes, Virginia, to salvage and demolish an old country store. Using materials from the project, Mike and Robert create a tribute bench for a veterans’ retreat.

a shopping center in Roanoke

Season 9 Episode 8: Roanoke Shopping Center

The team heads to a local shopping center where they use some creative methods to salvage a large, decorative space frame, rolling doors and more. They also find great items from a pick in NJ they can repurpose to in builds like a Bourbon Bar shelf.

Carpenter's Hall

Season 9 Episode 7: Carpenter’s Hall

The crew stays local and heads just down the street in Roanoke where they salvage a one-of-a-kind sign and pick through an old meeting hall. Later, Mike and Tay build a TV console out of old material.

a street in Kannapolis

Season 9 Episode 6: Return to Kannapolis

Mike and Tay build a commemorative clock for the town of Kannapolis, NC, then the crew heads back for items left behind on the first trip, including a large cupola, windows, and a bank vault. Then, they head back to Roanoke to create a standing desk.

a grand staircase inside a ferry

Season 9 Episode 5: Return to the Ferry

The team returns to the Norfolk, VA, ferry to get the large items that were left behind, including a crow’s nest and staircase. Mike and Robert have a consultation in Pawleys Island, SC, and then the team gets busy on the build.

Twin Capes Ferry

Season 9 Episode 4: Twin Capes Ferry

The crew heads to Norfolk, VA, to test their sea legs and salvage an obsolete ferry including lights, skylights and a mural. Back at the shop, Grayson helps Mike and Tay with a commissioned build for a fellow maker.

Price FIller Machine Shop

Season 9 Episode 3: Price Filler Machine Shop

Mike, Robert, Grayson and Tay head over to the Machine Shop they bought to see what they can find. After sorting and sifting, the team finds items for new builds and knows the space will be great for Makers to create their own builds.

Laverock Hill Estate

Season 9 Episode 2: Laverock Hill Estate

The crew heads to Glenside, PA, to salvage a huge estate. The sprawling 1918 mansion gives the Dawgs a run for their money as they try to save columns, doors, mantles, bathtubs and more. Mike and Tay visit Rural Retreat.

a sign in downtown Kannapolis

Season 9 Episode 1: Downtown Kannapolis

Mike and Tay have a consultation for a project from a brewery but before they can start building they have to head to a salvage job in Kannapolis, NC. The project is a large job where the Dawgs have to salvage a cupola, doors, bathrooms and more!