Youngwood High School

Season 2 Episode 13: Youngwood High School

Mike Whiteside, Robert Kulp and the Black Dog Salvage crew save parts from a 1917 high school up in Youngwood, PA. Key finds include lockers, chalkboards, sinks, and a gothic window transom.

Sheridan Square theater

Season 2 Episode 12: Sheridan Square Theater Facade

The Black Dog crew tackles a theater façade in Ohio. Mike builds a bed frame from horse jump poles.

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Conrail caboose

Season 2 Episode 11: Conrail Storage

Mike and Robert salvage parts from a train caboose. The crew picks through the Old Cold Storage.

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Black Dog Salvage building sign

Season 2 Episode 10: Thomas Massie Orchard

Mike and Robert salvage parts of an old apple orchard. Robert helps with an iron gate.

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USS Zuni

Season 2 Episode 9: USS Zuni

Hosts Mike and Robert salvage parts off an old navy ship. Mike builds a table from an airplane wing.

Bunker-Ramo teletrade

Season 2 Episode 8: Bunker-Ramo Teletrade

The Dawgs remove a teletrade from a brokerage firm. They also pick through a barn in Ohio.

foursquare farmhouse

Season 2 Episode 7: Foursquare Farmhouse

Hosts Mike and Robert salvage a foursquare house in Roanoke. Mike builds a tailgater grill unit.

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spiral staircase

Season 2 Episode 6: Spiral Staircase

The Black Dog Salvage crew splits up for the week. Robert and Grayson salvage a spiral staircase in Norfolk, while Mike and the guys pick through a restoration shop in Petersburg.

a boat at Lakeside marina

Season 2 Episode 5: Lakeside Marina

Mike, Robert, and the Black Dog Salvage crew travel to Smith Mountain Lake to save parts off a sinking boat. While at the marina, they discover other boats on the property to salvage.

the Salvage Dawg crew at Hillcrest Bed and Breakfast

Season 2 Episode 4: Hillcrest Bed & Breakfast

Mike, Robert, and the Black Dog Salvage crew extract a fireclay tub and window frame from a bed and breakfast. The crew picks through a large auto graveyard. Key finds include a fire truck, a vintage cooler and PBR sign.

Effiel Tower replica

Season 2 Episode 3: Eiffel Tower Replica

Mike, Robert, and the Black Dog Salvage guys disassemble a 40 foot Eiffel Tower replica in Columbus, OH. While in Columbus, they pick through a fellow salvager’s collection. Grayson builds a floor lamp back at the warehouse.


Season 2 Episode 2: Northeast Farmhouse

Mike, Robert, and the Black Dog Salvage crew save parts of an early 1800s farmhouse and barn in Edison, NJ. Key items include corner plinths, thick floorboards, and an elaborate front entryway.


Season 2 Episode 1: Nestlebrooke

The Black Dog Salvage crew pitches in to help save parts of a house in Roanoke, VA. Main items include floors, trim, front porch columns, and a built in cabinet. While salvaging, Mike and Robert also search for buried treasure.