Moneta diner

Season 10 Episode 10: Moneta Diner and Drive-in

The Dawgs travel to Moneta, Virginia, to salvage a diner and drive-in that were destroyed by a fire. Their priorities include a kiosk booth and a mobile stage, but retrieving such large items will require some maneuvering. Back at the shop, Mike gets sentimental while building a bar for the Stone House using metal he’s held onto for over a decade.

a burned house in Martinsville

Season 10 Episode 9: Martinsville Burned House

The Dawgs head to Martinsville, VA, to salvage a house that was condemned after an electrical fire. Knowing they have a customer looking for a kitchen island, Mike and Robert take advantage of a granite counter in the burned-down home.

a fireboat in Baltimore

Season 10 Episode 8: Baltimore Fireboat

After a call from their old friend, Captain Tim, the crew travels to Norfolk, VA, to salvage a fireboat from Baltimore. When they return to the shop, Mike & Tay enlist the help of a local coppersmith to fashion unique foot baths for Hotel Roanoke.

Drayton mill

Season 10 Episode 7: Drayton Mill Power Plant

The team organizes a Dawg vs. Dawg build competition after Mike and Robert get a tip on an abandoned power plant from an old client in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The winner of the salvage contest will be a tough call as both teams’ distinct pieces are deeply rooted in the plant’s original aesthetic.

a house in Barnesville

Season 10 Episode 6: Return to Barnesville

The Salvage Dawgs pick through a barn and take on a Queen Anne-style home in Barnesville, Ohio, looking for some bonus finds. Mike meets with a return client who has an idea for a dining table set made from rusted canning baskets and live edge wood.

a house in Barnesville

Season 10 Episode 5: Barnesville House

The Dawgs tackle Ohio’s cold and snowy winter to salvage an old Italianate house that’s beaming with character. Back in the shop, things heat up as Tay comes up with a plan to use old pulleys as the legs for a unique table.

a church in Alexandria

Season 10 Episode 4: Alexandria Church

Mike & Robert take the Dawgs to salvage a church in Alexandria, VA, to save everything from contemporary pews to a commercial grade sink. They are forced to get creative as they are met with heights, narrow hallways & perplexing waterlines.

a storefront in Lexington

Season 10 Episode 3: Lexington Storefront

The Dawgs take a stab at a storefront in historic downtown Lexington, VA. This second-generation salvage requires finesse, as the building is being renovated. They then turn the existing windowpanes into a room divider for the building’s owner.

a house in BLuefield

Season 10 Episode 2: Bluefield House

Southern Dawgs head up north to deliver a large lamppost for a new community space. Robert takes the team to the Bluefield House in West Virginia to rack up on the classic commodities needed to restock their warehouse.

a barn in Blacksburg

Season 10 Episode 1: Blacksburg Barn

The Dawgs head to Blacksburg, Virginia, to salvage an 1800s barn. This should be a textbook job, but with a hurricane on the horizon, the deadline becomes tighter to make it out before the storm. Later, the team turns part of an airplane into a desk.