St Andrew's Catholic Churhc

Season 3 Episode 13: St. Andrew’s Spire

The Dawgs help save copper elements from the St. Andrews Catholic Church spires in Roanoke, VA. The guys also bring in an expert to learn more about a large lithograph from a previous salvage.

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Fringer cemetery

Season 3 Episode 12: Fringer Cannery

Mike, Robert and the crew salvage an old iron ore mine that was converted into a cannery in the 1930s. Main items include a curved I-beam, oversized pressure-cookers, and a canning carousel.

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the Salvage Dawgs at the Weatherford farmhouse

Season 3 Episode 11: Weatherford Farmhouse

Salvage Dawgs save parts of a farmhouse in South Boston, VA. Key items include chairs, milk-painted paneling, and an arched window. Mike and Robert get to pick through some of the owner’s personal collections

lockers at Roanoke COllege

Season 3 Episode 10: Roanoke College

Black Dog Salvage saves architectural elements at Roanoke College in Salem, VA. Key items include railings, brick pavers, gothic lighting, and a safe from the 1940s. Mike and Courtney repurpose a mantle into a hanging wall piece.

Hylton Victorian house

Season 3 Episode 9: Hylton Victorian

Black Dog Salvage saves parts of an old Victorian-style farmhouse in Laurel Forks, VA. Mike and Robert learn how to hand throw bricks at the Old Virginia Brick Company. Tay transforms a busted up VW bus into a flatbed truck.

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Meek farmhouse

Season 3 Episode 8: Meek Farmhouse

Mike and Robert remove a two-piece staircase from a farmhouse in Marion, VA. The guys also pick through a train yard. Back at the shop, Mike builds a bar from panel doors as a surprise for a customer’s husband.

Black Dog Salvage building sign

Season 3 Episode 7: Byrd Log Cabin

The Salvage Dawgs team returns to a previously salvaged house to save its original log structure. Mike and Tay learn how that wood is milled for a custom building project. Mike builds an end table for the property owner.

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Nehi sign

Season 3 Episode 6: Nehi Bottling Plant

Mike salvages large industrial doors from the old Nehi Bottling Plant in Covington, VA. Back at the shop, Robert and Tay work on a gate made from a bicycle. The guys also pick through a collection brought in by a local vendor.

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Bowman house

Season 3 Episode 5: Bowman House

Mike, Robert and the Black Dog crew salvage an early 1800s farmhouse in Mt. Jackson, VA. Key items include pocket doors, a primitive armoire and heart pine flooring. Grayson brings a new idea to Mike to make a bench from 3 chairs.

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St. Mary's church rectory

Season 3 Episode 4: St. Mary’s Church Rectory

The Black Dog crew salvages St. Mary’s Church in Chillicothe, OH. Key items include cast-iron mantles, a large built-in cabinet and a stained-glass front doorway. At the shop, Tay and his dad work to make a truck from a VW bus.

Reel Theater

Season 3 Episode 3: Reel Theaters

Mike, Robert and the team salvage a movie theater in Sevierville, TN. Key items include analog projectors, movie screens, and neon letters. Mike also builds a commissioned table from a window frame.

Stagecoach Inn in Glade Springs

Season 3 Episode 2: Old Stagecoach Inn

Mike and Robert salvage a house previously damaged by a tornado near Abingdon, VA. Key items include floors, doors and a complete staircase. While at the warehouse, Mike makes a commissioned desk from a balance beam.

Nelson house

Season 3 Episode 1: Nelson House

The Black Dog Salvage crew saves pieces of a house in Mt. Jackson, VA. Their main focus is on the clay-fired roof and on the oversized cornice brackets. Back in the wood shop, Mike makes a bench from an old dresser.