Holiday Vintage Flair Chair


Project:  Holiday Vintage Flair Chair

Painted by:  Tracy Rogers, Black Dog Products, California

Color:   Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint “Moss”

Recipe:  Moss Recipe = 1 part Go Green + 1 part Dirt + 1 part Galvanized

Top Coat: Show Dog Matte

Aged Glaze: Van Dyke Brown, General Finishes

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From Tracy:

I happened to come across this sweet but sad little chair during a trip to Savers – one of my favorite thrift stores. They are a national chain, (also called Value Village in some areas) so if there happens to be one anywhere near where you live or travel, they are worth checking out. The stores are large and super-organized with a great selection and new merchandise every day. I find a lot of my project pieces there at very reasonable prices – I think I paid $8 for this one.

Despite its good bones, the seat had been recovered in a plain, light blue fabric and the whole thing just looked dated and washed out. After considering different options that would work with the floral cutout detail on the seatback, I finally decided to do this one in red and green for the Holidays.

To get started, I removed the seat and gave it a good cleaning with Simple Green. From there I gave it a light sanding all over and then cleaned it again.

For the color, I chose “Moss” – a custom Paint Recipe blend of Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint in Go Green, Dirt and Galvanized.  Once mixed, I applied two coats to the whole chair using a smaller size brush.

Once dry, I lightly distressed the high points by hand using 220 grit sandpaper. After that, I applied an aging glaze around the floral detail on the seatback to give it some dimension, then applied three coats of Show Dog Topcoat in the Matte finish.

Covering a simple seat like this one is easy, and about the extent of my “upholstering” skills. For the holiday vibe, I chose a simple red Tartan plaid pinwale corduroy fabric that worked beautifully with the green paint. I used the old cover as a pattern to cut the new one, then attached it to the seat using a staple gun. Once finished, I reattached the seat to the frame with the original screws.

The result is a charming vintage look perfect for the holidays, or with any rustic décor.

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