Mix It Up!

When I approach creating new colors each month, I pull from my color memory banks to create the palette.

Growing up in the mid-west, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan….March was always a gray month, snow melting, leafless trees, and still extremely cold.

Galvanized, one of our sixteen pre-mixed colors illustrates that memory for me. March is a seasonal turning point as the gray starts to dissipate and soft muted colors start to light up our otherwise dull horizons. The gray of winter is passing, and color slowly starts to seep into our landscapes.

March has historically been a month that comes in like a lion and leaves us like a newborn lamb…but this year, at least here in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, March is easing us nicely into Spring. The colors this month are all built on the gray of Galvanized….muted, but giving us the hope of long, sunshiny warm days, new growth and brilliant color.

Celery, Mountain Mist, Sahara Sand, and Smoky Violet all exhibit bits of color peaking through the gray of winter to brighten our days and remind us that Spring is around the corner – and might just show up in full bloom tomorrow!

Try your hand at mixing it up!


Color Recipes

2023 Galvanized Series Color Recipes:


1 part Galvanized + 1 part Patinio Greenio + 2 parts Clean Canvas

Sahara Sand:

1 part Galvanized + 1 part Baby I’m Amaized

Mountain Mist:

1 part Galvanized + 1 part Roanoke Rain

Smokey Violet:

2 parts Galvanized + 1 part That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is completely mixable which means you can create your own colors using any of the pre-mixed hues.

Adding Clean Canvas (our true white) will allow you to create a “tint” or lighter shade of any of the colors. Adding Black Dog Black will allow you to create a “shade” or darker hue of any of the colors.

Visit our website for more color combinations!   With 16 gorgeous pre-mixed colors, the color combinations are endless!  Click HERE for more recipes.