Mix It Up!

Nautical June!

June is such a wonderful month! School is out (remember I was a public-school art teacher for 25+ years), vacations begin, the weather is great…warm during the day and cool at night, at least it is the SW mountains of Virginia.

Coming from a Navy Family, I guess the need to be on the water is in my blood and the color blue, part of my being.

June’s palette is all about the “Blues”, Sunshine-y Yellow, and Crisp White….like Navy dress uniforms!

Blue Ridge, Clean Canvas, and Star City Sunshine were my building blocks for this month’s palette. I included one of my favorite color recipes – Our Navy – that Karen and I created for Mike and Robert (both former Navy Men). Our Navy is a deep navy blue created by mixing 2 parts Blue Ridge with 1-part Black Dog.

Faded Denim and Sailor Blue are the two new color recipes. Besides swimsuits, I think everyone’s favorite summer attire is faded denim, be it a shirt, shorts, or jeans. Faded Denim is achieved by mixing 2 parts Galvanized, 2 parts Clean Canvas, with 1-part Blue Ridge. The result is the perfect, well worn, faded Denim Blue.

Sailor Blue is a very crisp, but slightly lighter tint of Blue Ridge. Think Seersucker Suits, bright blue skies before dusk, and the blue ticking stripes of the fabric on grandma’s bed pillows. The recipe for Sailor Blue is 1-part Blue Ridge plus 1 part Clean Canvas.

The bright yellow of Star City Sunshine replicates summertime sun and Clean Canvas seems to make all the blues that much bluer! I was once told by a real estate friend that when trying to sell a home you should paint either the master bedroom or kitchen in blue, yellow and white as these colors are very pleasing to the eye, create a fun energy and give the sense of a well- loved, happy home! As I look at June’s color palette, I now can comprehend the wisdom of her words! It is so fresh, clean, and welcoming.

Here’s hoping your summer is filled with warm sunny days, clear blue skies, and Sailor Blue waters!

Happy Painting!


Color Recipes

2023 Nautical June Color Recipes:

Faded Denim:

2 parts Galvanized + 2  parts Clean Canvas + 1 part Blue Ridge

Our Navy:

2 parts Blue Ridge + 1 part Black Dog

Sailor Blue:

1 part Blue Ridge + 1 part Clean Canvas

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is completely mixable which means you can create your own colors using any of the pre-mixed hues.

Adding Clean Canvas (our true white) will allow you to create a “tint” or lighter shade of any of the colors. Adding Black Dog Black will allow you to create a “shade” or darker hue of any of the colors.

Visit our website for more color combinations!   With 16 gorgeous pre-mixed colors, the color combinations are endless!  Click HERE for more recipes.