The Salvage Dawgs go to Jail

We’re heading to the pokey, Lawbreakers! But before we start serving our time, here’s a couple of hints about this week’s new treasure: it inspires both an interest in mythology and a creative way to heat up link sausages! The Dawgs have some great ideas about how to repurpose this 60’s era relic. Bet you’re curious now, any guesses?
Down in Lumberton NC, we break out new salvage spoils at the County Jail. These cells were designed to stay put, but the Dawg’s find the perfect tools to take them down. Smell the metal as we cut out of the Drunk Tank. Get a behind the scenes look at prisoner’s plumbing. See if you can guess which salvaged find will turn into a custom build for the shop. How soon will it be until the Jail House look hits Home & Garden magazines? We’re setting trends here, folks!

Yes, that is a jail cell!

Speaking of the shop, wait until you see the incredible concept bar the guys put together this week. It’s out of the box thinking and design that make custom Black Dog Salvage creations a singular find. What’s a Bowling Alley Rail Switch bar? Tune in to the DIY Network this Sunday at 10pm to find out.

Until next week, be sure to write and send money or a file baked into a cake!//