So you want to start your own Salvage business?

Whew, where do we start?

Step one:

Get a big first-aid kit and a large bottle of pain relievers! 

Step two:

This Google search may help you a bit as well.  

But in all seriousness, it can be as simple as finding the building to salvage, getting the rights to remove the goodies and hauling them out. It’s also as complex as the articles from the search results suggest.

 You’ll need some capital and very good negotiating skills to get started, we pay for the rights to salvage the structures we work in. You will also need to network with others and let them know what you’re doing. You should research the demolition permits that are being pulled in the cities and towns in your surrounding area and talk to the contractors that pulled them. Get friendly with realtors. You’ll need retail space to sell and a staff that knows what they are selling. In short, there are no magic bullets. Like any business you start, you’ll need time and money. Best of luck to you and if you ever find a bigger salvage job than you’d like to handle, drop us an email here.

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  1. Judith Shouldis
    Judith Shouldis says:

    I just want to thank you guys for the very first ” reality” show I will not only watch, but thoroughly enjoy. You're fun, no bickering, no staged nonsense, and best of all you all get along so well. I just love To see your interactions. Great job, thanks!

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