Reed Creek Mill

Season 5 Episode 8: Reed Creek Mill

The Dawgs salvage the Reed Creek Mill in Wytheville, VA. Key items found include conveyor belts and a flour hopper. Mike also builds a console for his nephew.

a clock at Trenton Central High School

Season 5 Episode 7: Return to Trenton Central High School

The Dawgs return to Trenton Central High School in Trenton, NJ. Key items found include four large clock faces and library ladders. In the shop, Mike and Tay build a table from an old jail bed.

Portside Marina

Season 5 Episode 6: Portside Marina

The Dawgs save the bow and stern of a boat on Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, VA. The team cuts up an old Chevy van for a commissioned wall art piece. New dogs Molly May and Stella make their debut.

Trenton Central High School

Season 5 Episode 5: Trenton Central High School

The Salvage Dawgs team takes on a huge high school in Trenton, NJ. Key items found include fireclay sinks and oak cabinets. Mike and Tay build an N-shaped desk in the shop.

Rising Sun Ranch

Season 5 Episode 4: Rising Sun Ranch

The Dawgs tackle a ranch house in Alderson, West Virginia. Key items salvaged include stained glass and corbels. In the shop, Mike reuses timber to build a beam table.

Covington Baptist CHurch

Season 5 Episode 3: Covington Baptist Church

The Salvage Dawgs work on Covington church and find tambour doors, stairs and a jukebox. Mike and Tay build a locker bench, then the crew finds a propane spotlight.

First National Bank

Season 5 Episode 2: First National Bank

The Salvage Dawgs take on the former first National Bank in Gastonia, NC. Key items salvaged include elevator parts and chicken wire windows. At the shop, Robert builds a bar out of a boat salvaged from Smith Mountain Lake.

Drayton Mill

Season 5 Episode 1: Drayton Mill

The guys travel to Drayton Mill, a former textile factory in Spartenburg, SC. Key salvaged items include a large fan and valves. Mike also builds a new desk for his office out of a old airplane wing.

Vicksburg Iron

Season 4 Episode 13: Vicksburg Iron

The team salvages an iron storefront. Mike builds a table for country music duo Thompson Square.

Scotts Bvd church

Season 4 Episode 12: Scott Boulevard Baptist Church

The Dawgs travel to Decatur, Georgia, to salvage the Scott Boulevard Baptist Church. Back at the shop, Mike and Tay build an iron console.

a man operates a bobcat

Season 4 Episode 11: Tully Choice Cabin

The Dawgs save steps and chimney rocks from a 1765 log cabin at Smith Mountain Lake. Gracie takes the team to a local glass blowing artist to make pieces for a chandelier. Robert and Ted also pick through a barn.

American Viscose plant

Season 4 Episode 10: American Viscose Plant

The Dawgs save a kiln from the American Viscose Plant in Roanoke, Virginia. Mike and Tay work together to build custom tables for a local optometrist’s office.

an open window in an apartment

Season 4 Episode 9: Wheeling Apartment

The Dawgs salvage elements from an apartment building in Wheeling, West Virginia. Mike builds a wine tasting table from an old lamppost and barrel staves at Black Dog Salvage.

Denny Riverboat

Season 4 Episode 8: Denny Riverboat

The Salvage Dawgs save a calliope from a riverboat in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Courtney collaborates with Mike to build a mirror from pieces of wall trim at the shop.

Geyser Gulch

Season 4 Episode 7: Return to Geyser Gulch

The Dawgs return to Geyser Gulch at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. Back at the warehouse, Mike builds a garden arbor out of two doors.

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Mike Whiteside and Ted Ayers on a salvage job

Season 4 Episode 6: Terracotta Silo

The Dawgs struggle to take down a terracotta silo in Bedford, Virginia. Back at the shop, Mike builds a coffee table from an old factory cart.

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Elks National home

Season 4 Episode 5: Elks National Home

The Dawgs salvage parts of the Elks National Home in Bedford, Virginia. Back in the woodshop, Mike builds a swing from a salvaged apple crate and upholsters cushions from old postal bags.

Clapp WIndmill

Season 4 Episode 4: Clapp Windmill

The Dawgs salvage an Aeromotor windmill in Liberty, North Carolina. Back in the wood shop, Mike uses salvaged barn wood and iron to build a floor lamp.

Old Robeson County Jail

Season 4 Episode 3: Old Robeson County Jail

The Dawgs salvage a 1950s jail in Lumberton, North Carolina. Mike and Tay build a bar from a bowling alley floor at the shop.

Bemis Mill

Season 4 Episode 2: Bemis Cotton Mill

The Dawgs salvage the Bemis Cotton Mill in Jackson, Tennessee. Mike builds a bookshelf using the panels from a door at the warehouse.

Ted Ayers at Geyser Gulch

Season 4 Episode 1: Geyser Gulch

The Dawgs salvage Geyser Gulch at Silver Dollar City. Mike builds a hostess stand for a restaurant.

St Andrew's Catholic Churhc

Season 3 Episode 13: St. Andrew’s Spire

The Dawgs help save copper elements from the St. Andrews Catholic Church spires in Roanoke, VA. The guys also bring in an expert to learn more about a large lithograph from a previous salvage.

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Fringer cemetery

Season 3 Episode 12: Fringer Cannery

Mike, Robert and the crew salvage an old iron ore mine that was converted into a cannery in the 1930s. Main items include a curved I-beam, oversized pressure-cookers, and a canning carousel.

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the Salvage Dawgs at the Weatherford farmhouse

Season 3 Episode 11: Weatherford Farmhouse

Salvage Dawgs save parts of a farmhouse in South Boston, VA. Key items include chairs, milk-painted paneling, and an arched window. Mike and Robert get to pick through some of the owner’s personal collections

lockers at Roanoke COllege

Season 3 Episode 10: Roanoke College

Black Dog Salvage saves architectural elements at Roanoke College in Salem, VA. Key items include railings, brick pavers, gothic lighting, and a safe from the 1940s. Mike and Courtney repurpose a mantle into a hanging wall piece.

Hylton Victorian house

Season 3 Episode 9: Hylton Victorian

Black Dog Salvage saves parts of an old Victorian-style farmhouse in Laurel Forks, VA. Mike and Robert learn how to hand throw bricks at the Old Virginia Brick Company. Tay transforms a busted up VW bus into a flatbed truck.

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Meek farmhouse

Season 3 Episode 8: Meek Farmhouse

Mike and Robert remove a two-piece staircase from a farmhouse in Marion, VA. The guys also pick through a train yard. Back at the shop, Mike builds a bar from panel doors as a surprise for a customer’s husband.

Black Dog Salvage building sign

Season 3 Episode 7: Byrd Log Cabin

The Salvage Dawgs team returns to a previously salvaged house to save its original log structure. Mike and Tay learn how that wood is milled for a custom building project. Mike builds an end table for the property owner.

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Nehi sign

Season 3 Episode 6: Nehi Bottling Plant

Mike salvages large industrial doors from the old Nehi Bottling Plant in Covington, VA. Back at the shop, Robert and Tay work on a gate made from a bicycle. The guys also pick through a collection brought in by a local vendor.

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Bowman house

Season 3 Episode 5: Bowman House

Mike, Robert and the Black Dog crew salvage an early 1800s farmhouse in Mt. Jackson, VA. Key items include pocket doors, a primitive armoire and heart pine flooring. Grayson brings a new idea to Mike to make a bench from 3 chairs.

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St. Mary's church rectory

Season 3 Episode 4: St. Mary’s Church Rectory

The Black Dog crew salvages St. Mary’s Church in Chillicothe, OH. Key items include cast-iron mantles, a large built-in cabinet and a stained-glass front doorway. At the shop, Tay and his dad work to make a truck from a VW bus.

Reel Theater

Season 3 Episode 3: Reel Theaters

Mike, Robert and the team salvage a movie theater in Sevierville, TN. Key items include analog projectors, movie screens, and neon letters. Mike also builds a commissioned table from a window frame.

Stagecoach Inn in Glade Springs

Season 3 Episode 2: Old Stagecoach Inn

Mike and Robert salvage a house previously damaged by a tornado near Abingdon, VA. Key items include floors, doors and a complete staircase. While at the warehouse, Mike makes a commissioned desk from a balance beam.

Nelson house

Season 3 Episode 1: Nelson House

The Black Dog Salvage crew saves pieces of a house in Mt. Jackson, VA. Their main focus is on the clay-fired roof and on the oversized cornice brackets. Back in the wood shop, Mike makes a bench from an old dresser.

Youngwood High School

Season 2 Episode 13: Youngwood High School

Mike Whiteside, Robert Kulp and the Black Dog Salvage crew save parts from a 1917 high school up in Youngwood, PA. Key finds include lockers, chalkboards, sinks, and a gothic window transom.

Sheridan Square theater

Season 2 Episode 12: Sheridan Square Theater Facade

The Black Dog crew tackles a theater façade in Ohio. Mike builds a bed frame from horse jump poles.

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Conrail caboose

Season 2 Episode 11: Conrail Storage

Mike and Robert salvage parts from a train caboose. The crew picks through the Old Cold Storage.

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Black Dog Salvage building sign

Season 2 Episode 10: Thomas Massie Orchard

Mike and Robert salvage parts of an old apple orchard. Robert helps with an iron gate.

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USS Zuni

Season 2 Episode 9: USS Zuni

Hosts Mike and Robert salvage parts off an old navy ship. Mike builds a table from an airplane wing.

Bunker-Ramo teletrade

Season 2 Episode 8: Bunker-Ramo Teletrade

The Dawgs remove a teletrade from a brokerage firm. They also pick through a barn in Ohio.