beechcraft airplane

Season 7 Episode 9: Beechcraft Airplane Salvage

The Salvage Dawgs try something a little different by bidding on a 1947 Beechcraft airplane. Mike goes a little over budget to win the auction and the crew has to hire professionals to figure out how to disassemble it properly. Meanwhile, Mike and Tay build a functional shelf out of a mantel and Mike brings in an old piece of farm equipment to Robert’s dismay.

a storybook-style house

Season 7 Episode 8: Storybook-Style House

Black Dog Salvage travels south to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to save what they can from a storybook-style home in two days. The heat takes a toll on the team, but they find some unique chandeliers, sinks, windows and a nice Dutch door. Mike comes up with a functional design for a garment rack that can be rolled anywhere and Robert is excited about some old items that remind him of his Navy days.

a 19th century corncrib

Season 7 Episode 7: 19th Century Corncrib

The Salvage Dawgs go to Hamburg, PA, to carefully deconstruct a corncrib being sure to take plenty of notes and pictures so they can reassemble it accurately. Meanwhile, Tay thinks he’s found a great deal on some antique horses and Grayson works on her welding skills helping Mike build a circular iron bar.

a victorian free classic house

Season 7 Episode 6: Victorian Free Classic House

The Salvage Dawgs return to Hot Springs, VA, to salvage another home before it gets demolished. The house has some great Eastlake hardware worth salvaging as well as Majorca tile, mantels and pocket doors. Mike mixes steel and wood for a modern side

Ludwig Mansion

Season 7 Episode 5: Return to Ludwig Mansion

Black Dog Salvage returns to the Ludwig mansion in Pennsylvania for roof tiles, windows, and the boiler room. Down in the shop, Grayson looks for materials to build a spice rack for her kitchen and Robert brings in a vintage scale.

Waynes Lanes

Season 7 Episode 4: Wayne Lanes Bowling Alley

The Salvage Dawgs go to Wayne Lanes in Waynesboro, VA, to salvage a bowling alley damaged by a roof collapse. Robert is determined to redeem himself from last season’s bowling fiasco, while Grayson discovers vintage bowling relics.

a victorian home in Virginia

Season 7 Episode 3: Virginia Victorian Home

The Salvage Dawgs travel to Hot Springs, VA, to salvage mantles, cabinets, sinks and a round window from a late Victorian-style home. Grayson works on her negotiating and picking skills, Tay finishes up his remodel with a custom light for his home.

Esther Ludwig Mansion

Season 7 Episode 2: Esther Ludwig Mansion

Black Dog Salvage travels to Pennsylvania to save what they can from Esther Ludwig’s mansion before it gets demolished. They hope to reclaim some of the mansion’s all-original items, such as chandeliers, built-ins and mantles. Mike buys an old vintage wheelchair he hopes to restore and finds some salvage around the shop to create a freestanding mirror.

a console made from architectural salvage

Season 7 Episode 1: Trinity Lutheran Church

The Salvage Dawgs go to Greencastle, PA, to salvage an old church that is being restored for a physical therapy office. The team struggles to figure out the best way to remove the windows, salvage the large bell and execute an idea for a console.

St Agatha's church rectory

Season 6 Episode 13: St. Agatha’s Church Rectory

The Black Dog Salvage team heads back to snowy Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, to salvage the rectory of St. Agatha’s Catholic Church. Robert, Mike and the crew brave snow and ice to salvage a triple sink, glass blocks and storm door.

Noland Sign Company

Season 6 Episode 12: Noland Sign Company

The Black Dog Salvage team works in Roanoke, Virginia, at the Noland Sign Company. On a windy day, they salvage metal lettering, copper cupolas and vintage plumbing. Grayson buys an initial machine for the shop, and Gracie, Tay and Mike build a lamp.

St. Agatha's church

Season 6 Episode 11: St. Agatha’s Catholic Church

The Salvage Dawgs travel to snowy Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, to reclaim pieces of St. Agatha’s Catholic Church. In the bitterly cold weather, they salvage stained glass, spiral ducting and lights. Tay and Mike buy an EKG machine for the shop.

Texas Tavern sign

Season 6 Episode 10: Texas Tavern Sign

The Salvage Dawgs work at home in Roanoke, Virginia, where they salvage a sign for the Texas Tavern and learn the history of the local restaurant over burgers and bowls of chili. Afterwards, the team heads to a warehouse in Philadelphia.

Marion bowling alley

Season 6 Episode 9: Marion Bowling Alley

The Salvage Dawgs travel to Marion, Virginia, to salvage a bowling alley. However, the bowling alley floor turns out to be far heavier than they anticipated. Mike buys an artillery telescope for the shop, Tay and Mike build a convertible coffee table

Grace family church

Season 6 Episode 8: Grace Family Church

The Crew travels to Vinton, Virginia, to salvage a massive piece of stained glass from the Grace Family Church. They run into challenges when equipment is delayed. Tay & Grayson buy a tandem bike for the shop, and Mike & Tay build a beam lamp.

Rural Retreat Historical Society

Season 6 Episode 7: Rural Retreat Historical Society

The team travels to the Historical Society in Rural Retreat, Virginia. Mike sets up rigging from the rooftop for an outdoor clock while Robert salvages a vault door and bank teller station. Tay and Mike build a day bed using pallets.

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Free Will house

Season 6 Episode 6: Free Will House

The Salvage Dawg team travels to Free Will House in Huntington, West Virginia, where they salvage a bathtub, sitz bath and kitchen cabinets. Ted and Mike buy a butter churn for the shop, and Tay and Mike build a wall TV shutter console in the shop.

the mine master's house

Season 6 Episode 5: Mine Master’s House

The Dawgs travel to Quakertown, Pennsylvania, to reclaim items from an old mine master’s house. They are surprised to find much of the house picked over before they arrive. Robert and Grayson struggle with flooring while Mike cuts structural beams.

Pickle Mansion

Season 6 Episode 4: Pickle Mansion

The Salvage Dawgs head to Knoxville, Tennessee, in hopes of salvaging the crumbling Pickle Mansion. The main items of interest are a copper frieze and columns. Mike discovers a fuel drop tank and he and Tay build a dresser kitchen island.

Vaughan furniture

Season 6 Episode 3: Vaughan Furniture Company

The Salvage Dawgs head to the Vaughan Furniture Company in Galax, Virginia. Mike & Ted struggle to salvage a heavy furniture press while Robert is slowed down by explosion-proof lights. Mike and Grayson build a chair with pieces from an old suitcase.

a Greek revival farmhouse

Season 6 Episode 2: Greek Revival Farmhouse

The Salvage Dawgs preserve a Greek Rival farm house in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania. Main salvage items include mantles, tiles and a full-sized chicken coop. Mike and Tay build a freight cart couch in the Black Dog shop.

St Michael's catholic school

Season 6 Episode 1: St. Michael’s Catholic School

The Salvage Dawgs team head to the St. Michael’s Catholic School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they brave high-wire heights in order to save elements of the past. The team also builds a ladder console and discovers a vintage army record player.

the Dawgs salvage the Roanoke Chamber of COmmerce

Season 5 Episode 13: Roanoke Chamber of Commerce

The Dawgs save pieces from the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce in VA, including safe deposit boxes and a pneumatic messaging system. The team also works on a large bar commissioned for the Natural Bridge Hotel.

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Little Chef Dinner

Season 5 Episode 12: Little Chef Diner

The Dawgs stay in Roanoke, VA, to salvage an old diner sign from Little Chef. The crew also picks through a huge warehouse in Greensboro, NC.

a home in Wellsville

Season 5 Episode 11: Riverfront House

The Salvage Dawgs take on a Victorian house in Wellsville, OH. Key items salvaged include harlequin windows, corbels and front porch columns. Back at the shop, Mike and Tay build a wine rack from old brick molds.

a Greek Revival house

Season 5 Episode 10: Mount Vernon Greek Revival

The Salvage Dawgs save as much as they can from a burnt-down house in Mt. Vernon, OH. In the shop, Mike builds a chair from a shopping cart.

Wilberger funeral home

Season 5 Episode 9: Wilberger Funeral Home

The Salvage Dawgs team saves parts of the Wilberger Funeral Home in New Hope, VA. Key items salvaged include an elevator and barn door hardware. Back in Roanoke, Mike and the guys build a collapsible bookcase.

Reed Creek Mill

Season 5 Episode 8: Reed Creek Mill

The Dawgs salvage the Reed Creek Mill in Wytheville, VA. Key items found include conveyor belts and a flour hopper. Mike also builds a console for his nephew.

a clock at Trenton Central High School

Season 5 Episode 7: Return to Trenton Central High School

The Dawgs return to Trenton Central High School in Trenton, NJ. Key items found include four large clock faces and library ladders. In the shop, Mike and Tay build a table from an old jail bed.

Portside Marina

Season 5 Episode 6: Portside Marina

The Dawgs save the bow and stern of a boat on Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, VA. The team cuts up an old Chevy van for a commissioned wall art piece. New dogs Molly May and Stella make their debut.

Trenton Central High School

Season 5 Episode 5: Trenton Central High School

The Salvage Dawgs team takes on a huge high school in Trenton, NJ. Key items found include fireclay sinks and oak cabinets. Mike and Tay build an N-shaped desk in the shop.

Rising Sun Ranch

Season 5 Episode 4: Rising Sun Ranch

The Dawgs tackle a ranch house in Alderson, West Virginia. Key items salvaged include stained glass and corbels. In the shop, Mike reuses timber to build a beam table.

Covington Baptist CHurch

Season 5 Episode 3: Covington Baptist Church

The Salvage Dawgs work on Covington church and find tambour doors, stairs and a jukebox. Mike and Tay build a locker bench, then the crew finds a propane spotlight.

First National Bank

Season 5 Episode 2: First National Bank

The Salvage Dawgs take on the former first National Bank in Gastonia, NC. Key items salvaged include elevator parts and chicken wire windows. At the shop, Robert builds a bar out of a boat salvaged from Smith Mountain Lake.

Drayton Mill

Season 5 Episode 1: Drayton Mill

The guys travel to Drayton Mill, a former textile factory in Spartenburg, SC. Key salvaged items include a large fan and valves. Mike also builds a new desk for his office out of a old airplane wing.

Vicksburg Iron

Season 4 Episode 13: Vicksburg Iron

The team salvages an iron storefront. Mike builds a table for country music duo Thompson Square.

Scotts Bvd church

Season 4 Episode 12: Scott Boulevard Baptist Church

The Dawgs travel to Decatur, Georgia, to salvage the Scott Boulevard Baptist Church. Back at the shop, Mike and Tay build an iron console.

a man operates a bobcat

Season 4 Episode 11: Tully Choice Cabin

The Dawgs save steps and chimney rocks from a 1765 log cabin at Smith Mountain Lake. Gracie takes the team to a local glass blowing artist to make pieces for a chandelier. Robert and Ted also pick through a barn.

American Viscose plant

Season 4 Episode 10: American Viscose Plant

The Dawgs save a kiln from the American Viscose Plant in Roanoke, Virginia. Mike and Tay work together to build custom tables for a local optometrist’s office.

an open window in an apartment

Season 4 Episode 9: Wheeling Apartment

The Dawgs salvage elements from an apartment building in Wheeling, West Virginia. Mike builds a wine tasting table from an old lamppost and barrel staves at Black Dog Salvage.