Salvage Dawgs- Return to Geyser Gulch

This Week’s Sneak Peak

It’s all about return engagements this week for our busy salvage crew. We return to Bedford, Virginia to go to work on a terracotta silo and return to Geyser Gulch to make one last play for water cannons and roadside attractions. And, as always, vintage treasures and custom delights abound!
As avid fans of the Road Runner cartoons, we got a little misty-eyed at the sight of this week’s first WOW! Can you guess which Acme-like product Wile E. Coyote dropped on our doorstep?

A: A Catapult

B: Dynamite Blaster

C: A Rocket!Tune in at 9 p.m. to find out.
We’ve seen some beautifully refinished factory cart tables built by the gentlemen in the Custom Shop, but this week they turn the project on its head. They’ve removed the wood top to expose the view clear to the fantastic iron wheels no longer hidden underneath. Of course this particular table sold quickly, but we have factory carts for days…

On a return trip to the Bedford Elk’s Home, the Dawgs take down a silo that quickly became one of Ted’s all-time favorite salvage jobs. Knocking down block by block all 45 feet of terracotta brick was so popular with everyone, they spent not one, not two, but three whole days on task. Stacks upon stacks of these beautifully salt-glazed bricks are at the warehouse waiting for repurpose. Let’s put all that hard work to reuse!
On to our next episode! Before making our way back to Branson, check out the Edison Phonograph we acquired on a barter. This iconic design is the universal symbol for recorded music and the guys loved getting to see how the mechanics work.
Want another great idea for salvaged solid wood doors? See how Black Dog Salvage puts an unmistakable stamp on a Custom Arbor using Old World Iron and wonderful woodshop skills.

Back at Geyser Gulch, the Dawgs salvage pieces our most adventurous customers will flock over. How about a frying pan that can cook up a 6’ omelet? We’ve got two of ‘em! A whimsical water feature you pump to operate? We’ve got three of ‘em! An enormous toy barrel stuffed with Raggedy Ann and a Teddy Bear? There can only be one of those in the world. Ready to make it yours? Before you ask, the Chicken has flown the coup, but the “Birdhouse Coop” is still up for grabs. Get it now before Grayson makes a new home for Arlene & Cynthia. We brought back so many truckloads of oversized whimsy, even we don’t know what all we’ve got! Come for a visit to see it all.

Tune in to DIY tonight at 9pm EDT!

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Can you believe we are already halfway through the Season? Until next week, Salvagers…