Salvage Dawgs Premieres at 9pm EDT Tonight!

Who’s ready to go double speed? We’re moving to 9 pm this Sunday and bringing two brand new episodes with us! Hop on board for a visit to the Clapp Farm in Burlington, NC to put Mike’s rigging skills to work on a 35’ Aermotor Windmill. Then we’ll circle back to Virginia to help clear out the Bedford Elk’s Home of some mid-century modern treasures. Go Dawgs!

There’s no better way to remind yourself how easy you’ve got it then to experience domestic machinery of the 1920’s. You will have a renewed appreciation for your washer & dryer or laundromat after checking out the Antique Maytag Washing Machine we picked up from our good friend, Pat Harrison. For a small investment of $225 worth of quarters, you too can experience the labor-intensive process of wringing out item by item to be hung up to dry.

When the task calls for bringing a giant Windmill safely to the ground, you might think the Dawgs would rent a crane and lift that puppy right onto the back of a flatbed truck.

But as Mike says, “If you don’t go through life with some challenges, you’re not ready for the Zombie Apocalypse.” Heavy equipment sponsorships be damned, we are ready to defeat the walking dead. If you’re prepared to go off grid, this windmill ($2500) is waiting to be of service again, along with a great cast iron Farm Bell ($625).

Down in the shop, watch as Jeff chews the heck out of a stick of Wrigley’s while he and Mike use some beautiful barn board and salvaged lighting to design a fantastic floor lamp ($525).

Don’t go home just yet! Our next stop is Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the estate sale of an avid nautical collector. This was a natural pick for our Navy men and we still have plenty of sea-faring goodies floating through the marketplace, including the Engine Order Telegraph ($5200).

On our visit with the Benevolent Order of the Elks in Bedford, we help clear out the lodge room in exchange for some picking. Watch as our Exhausted Rulers spin sconces, chip away tile from a silo and cover Beyonce songs. We could not be more excited to have secured vintage seat units from the small theater. These Art Deco Delights will set the perfect mood in your retro screening room. A lot of the great pieces we brought back did not make the cut for the show, so be sure to check the Online Marketplace for some fantastic Heywood-Wakefield furniture and your very own enormous elk antlers!

How do you turn an old apple crate into a swinging love nest for two? The boys construct the swing, while the girls feather the nest with some authentic US Mail bag seat cushions. This great custom piece did not hang around for long, but we still have plenty of mail bags for your own postal projects.

Full steam ahead until next week, where we’ll make return trips to Branson and Bedford for more salvage fun! Remember, we will be live tweeting tonight at 419 West Restaurant at 9pm EDT. Join us on Twitter @BlackDogSalvage & @BlkDogWhiteside