a church in Alexandria

New Episode of Salvage Dawgs – Alexandria, VA, Church

In this Wednesday’s episode, the Crew ventured a little north of home to Alexandria, VA, to salvage the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. The church is undergoing a major renovation project to rebuild their church and build affordable housing on the property, and they included a write-up in their newsletter about the experience with “Salvage Dawgs” (click here to read).

Interestingly, this job was more than the religious elements – the guys salvaged everything from the pews to the kitchen! And, the elements of this contemporary church featured a mid-century modern aesthetic, allowing them to be repurposed for everyday use.

While on site, the Crew has some fun slicing up the wooden pews to make them more usable lengths in addition to finding creative ways to actually get the salvage onto the truck. And, since their return, we have finished the edges, added feet, and upcycled some really cool benches!

This episode features mid-century modern pews, an oak altar table, a French louvered door set, a 16′ aluminum steeple cross, and MUCH more!

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