Eastlake entryway

Robert Was Right…The Eastlake Entryway

In this week’s Item of the Week spotlight, Robert made a special request. He asked that we showcase the entryway salvaged from the Sheridan House in Lexington, Virginia, featured in Season 7, Episode 10 of “Salvage Dawgs”.

The house, a classic brick Victorian, was built in 1893 by Dr. John Sheridan who owned and operated the town’s Sheridan Livery in the late 1800s. Once one of the most prominent properties in town, the home, unfortunately, was severely damaged by fire in 2016. Though it was hot and exhausting, this job proved to be worth it based on the rarity of materials the Dawgs were able to salvage.

When it comes to tackling the entry door in a salvage project, Tay says the job can go in one of two ways, “Either the door is just not worth taking out in the jamb due to condition, rarity, or hardware, so we just take the pieces home and leave the jamb, or it’s so nice that we remove some wall structure around it and take the whole assembly – that is exactly what happened here!” For this effort, Robert and Mike joined forces to ensure this was salvaged in one complete piece.

This large entryway surround features the front door, a fixed half door, and glass transom. The Eastlake decorations and detailing on the doors and surrounding trim showcase the grandeur of the Victorian period. Click here to check out this beautiful Victorian relic.

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