Roanoke's Big Dog Getaway Tour


Planning a visit to Black Dog Salvage?

We’ve noticed a number of cars in our parking lot are not from around here. Matter of fact, it’s like a mini geography lesson on a busy Friday or Saturday. Our City Manager even mentioned the increase in tourism at a recent conference held here in Roanoke called City Works (X)po…..maybe a little something called Salvage Dawgs on the DIY Network.

We are in awe of and very thankful for the number of people who have traveled to Roanoke to visit the home of Salvage Dawgs. It’s great to meet fans of the show and we appreciate you taking the time to visit Roanoke because it benefits not only our neighborhood but the whole valley. When you stop in, please remember to ask for the guys if you don’t see them; they are here six days a week unless they are on a salvage job.Our most favorite compliment is when people tell us “what you see on the show is what you get when you visit”!

We’ve heard from a number of people that a visit to Black Dog is on their “bucket list” so we’ve helped put together a fun “Visit Roanoke” package. The package includes hotel accommodations at the historic Hotel Roanoke and a fabulous walking culinary & history tour from Tour Roanoke. You can check pricing and availability here. If you don’t have the time to stay for a weekend tour, there are other hotels in the Valley that are offering discounts to Salvage Dawgs fans. You can get more info and the codes needed for registration on our Visit Roanoke page. Thank you for watching Salvage Dawgs. Season 5 is coming soon and Season 6 filming is underway. We hope to see you soon, safe travels. album-w-sd-logo-web]]>