Return to Judy Shelton

Who is Judy Shelton?

Who is the toughest, hardest working lady on our crew? Who can hold 50 times her weight and not peep a single complaint? Judy Shelton, that’s who!

Salvage Dawgs Season 1 Epsiode 2
On the 4th floor of Washington Mills in Mayodan, N.C. (Season 1 Episode of 2 of Salvage Dawgs) we discovered these sturdy rolling carts. The canvas carts had been used to move supplies around the work areas of this textile mill. Immediately there was thought of selling them for a quick buck (Robert’s plan) but Mike proposed we keep them and use them for future salvage jobs. And brilliant was he; these gals haven’t missed a job since!


So, why call these carts Judy Shelton?

On the side of each cart is hand written in fat permanent marker “Return to Judy Shelton”. When Mike or Robert calls for a canvas rolling cart on a job, nicknaming it a “Judy Shelton” or “Judy” is quick, clear and honestly has a much better ring. The guys and I began to wonder, who is Judy Shelton? What did she do for the mill? Which evolved into jokes about how mad Judy is going to be because we hadn’t returned her carts and the rhetorical, how will we go on salvaging after Judy reclaims her canvas carts!?

Alas, the query has brewed long enough and we at Black Dog are officially in search of the Real Judy Shelton! What is her story? Where is she now? Is it you? Is she your family member or friend? Did you work with her? Help us get the message out because we would LOVE to let her know what her courageously cooperative carts have done for us.


Please share this note far & wide so we can return one cart to the
Real Judy Shelton!

Thanks for helping us! ~ Grayson