Reproduction Georgia Syrup Kettles

Black Dog Salvage has reproduced 19th Century Cast Iron Georgia Syrup Kettles

Fire Pit

Cast Iron Fire Pit with Custom Stand

Cast Iron Syrup Kettles were used in the early 19th Century American south to produce sugar from sugar cane. This method was borrowed from 18th Century plantations in the European colonies of the Caribbean. The sugar cane was crushed using an animal-powered mill. The resulting cane juice was heated in the kettle, clarified and evaporated in multiple kettles of decreasing size.

Syrup Kettle

Living History Plantation

Our kettles are an exact replica of an antique syrup kettle. While researching our kettle on the internet we found this story from a forum about kettle repair:
“I can remember as a boy feeding the cane grinder as a mule pulled the pole around and around all the kin under the shelter with a fire going under the syrup kettle and my Grandfather supervising making the syrup. The skimming around the edge of the kettle would cook hard and there was never a better tasting candy.”
While Sugar Kettles are no longer used in the production of sugar from sugar cane, there are many ways to enjoy these simple and elegant kettles. Out favorite is as a fire pit, nothing beats kicking back with a cold beverage to share stories and a few laughs after a tough week of salvaging, we also have them set up on site as a fountain (now with a liner). In addition, the kettles are well suited for container or water gardening, as well as grand lawn ornaments.

Syrup Kettle Fountain

Syrup Kettle Fountain

Our kettles are priced at $1,499.99. This is a bargain considering the originals can fetch multiple thousands of dollars. We understand you could spend $100 or $200 at a big box store for a smaller, light-weight fire pit to enjoy, but keep in mind that these other metal bowls are not cast iron and will only last a season or two before the bottoms fall out of them. Our kettles are made to last for generations!

There are many stand options for the kettles. It is possible to set the kettle in the ground, use stone to stabilize them or use landscape block to create a well to set them in. We have stands available; they are priced at $395. Our metal shop can create a custom made stand for your new kettle; please inquire about options and pricing.

These beauties weigh in at 310Lbs. Please call or email for more information about shipping options. (540) 343-6200 or