On the 3rd Day of Christmas- SnapLoc


sm-music-noteOn the third day of Christmas, Black Dog gave to me… a red Snap-Loc Dolly sm-music-note

“I’ll tell you what, these have really, really revolutionized how we do salvage. These are solid, four sided steel construction, really well built – they can handle 1,200 lbs. We recently put them through the test and we had about 1,000 pounds on these things and they definitely held up. The ones we used to use would just collapse just looking at the load we were going to put on it. We used to build our own out of whatever casters we had and scrap wood and it was just always breaking down. We always thought it was funny but Robert never thought it was funny. They come with these great straps so you can secure your load. They’re also really innovate, you can put them together so you can have big dollies. If you need a bigger dolly, you can just strap them together. Really innovative, really creative. I’ll show you how they work. Merry Christmas!”

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