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New Episode of Salvage Dawgs – Winchester Apple Barn

Last Sunday, the Dawgs headed north to Winchester, VA, to dismantle an old apple barn, and, unfortunately, the weather was not kind to them. But, as always. the Crew pushed through, working through the rain and mud, and came away with some great salvage as a result.
The barn was located on the property of the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, and also featured the installation of some beautiful gates for the museum. The Shop Team worked on the 12-foot wide iron gates salvaged from the Lerner Mansion in Orange, VA, in Season 8, and it’s always exciting to see salvage given new life and find a new home.
Some of the fun salvage and finds the Crew came home with included an apple wash-down chute,   corrugated tin roofing, barn doors, orchard ladders, studded wooden rollers, a wagon pole, and MUCH more!

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