a coupola from Kannapolis

New Episode of Salvage Dawgs – Return to Kannapolis (Part 2)

Last Sunday, the Dawgs returned to Kannapolis, NC, to finish salvaging from business buildings in the city’s downtown area, and this episode even featured the City Mayor himself, Darrell Hinnant! Mike and Tay built a very special clock for the city, and Mayor Hinnant was kind enough to visit the salvage to be there in person for the clock presentation.
The city is currently executing their Downtown Revitalization Plan, and to get the project started, they called in the Dawgs! This visionary plan includes clearing out some old, vacant buildings to reinvigorate their downtown area.
The second of this two-part salvage, this episode features salvaging and you can read more about part one by clicking here.
The crew came home with a bunch of goodies, including a large cupola with a weathervane, some store-front 12-lite, 9-lite, and 6-lite windows, bank teller cabinets, and MUCH more!

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