a storefront in Lexington

New Episode of Salvage Dawgs – Lexington, VA, Storefront

This week, the Dawgs headed an hour north to Lexington, Virginia to salvage storefront façades, steel frame windows, and some architectural elements from two buildings in the city’s historic downtown.
The façades were actually made of wood and were not original to the building, so the owner wanted them removed as part of a larger renovation project. The buildings’ owners also own The Georges Inn, and they will be renovating these buildings to convert them into a wedding/event/conference space next door to their inn.
The Crew had quite a time taking the paneled surround down in one piece, but it was worth the effort, and the steel-framed window Ted, Robert, and Grayson chiseled out were used to build stunning room dividers to be incorporated into the renovated building.
Some of the eye-catching salvage the Crew came home with included a paneled storefront surround, a Victorian double door with transom, a Victorian corbels, a Victorian storefront with surround, and MUCH more!

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