Bemis Mill

New Salvage Dawgs Episode- Bemis Cotton Mill

bemis mill
Bemis Mill

Happy Summer Everyone!

It’s hot, hot, hot here at the Dog. This week we get to some down ‘n dirty salvage with a trip to a cotton mill in Jackson, Tennessee. The shop makes a shelving unit with something we’ve always got plenty of. & Grayson charms us all with the cutest WOW yet.

What’s big and green, has a star tattoo on its rear, not to mention neon and perfectly adorable? Oh, did we mention there is water involved too? You will have to watch to find out….

From easily salvaged wood doors, Mike, Jeff & Tay created a furniture piece that takes advantage of vertical space and provides plenty of storage for your collections. This one flew out the door (har har), but you know there’s always more where that came from. Call us & we will make one for you!
mill 1
It’s time for a Salvage on a Saturday! This week we follow Johnny & June goin’ to Jackson,Tennessee for some heavy duty Industrial pieces.
Or as we like to refer to it, “Dirty Salvage”.


mill 2We harvest factory carts, fire doors, glass brick and the blood of a Whiteside. Cool finds include lots of Fireclay Hand Sinks, a 7.5’ Drain Pan and a score of a Standing Supervisor’s Desk. All of this can be found on our Brand NEW Online Marketplace, so get on over there and check it out!Is 10pm Eastern a little late to stay up to watch the Dawgs? No worries, you can catch the reruns, we won’t mind. Find times on diy Network.
Or better yet….let’s convince diy Network to schedule Salvage Dawgs at 9pm instead! Drop them a line by clicking here
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