Drakes Branch log cabin

New Episode of Salvage Dawgs – Drakes Branch Log Cabin

This week’s episode showed the Crew slogging through ever worsening mud while performing a job in Drakes Branch, Virginia. The owner of the property wanted to remove an entire log cabin structure, so the Dawgs came to the rescue! And, bonus, when they started taking apart the log cabin, they discovered a timber frame inside!

Based on the carved date stones in the chimneys, the original cabin was built in 1703, and the timber frame addition was built in 1846. The cabin even still had the original windows, doors, flooring, and mantels. While on site, the Crew meticulously labeled and organized each cabin log, rafter, and stud so the cabin could be re-erected. Click here for detailed information about the cabin. 

Structures like this cabin epitomize what’s at the heart of what we strive to do – to protect and preserve the historic architecture and craftsmanship of our region. Hewn logs and carefully carved joinery, all shaped by hand with minimal tools, are a visual testament to the astounding skill and patience of our forefathers (and mothers) we often take for granted.


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