a wine rack with a desk lamp on top

Maker of the Month – May

Congratulations to May’s “Maker of the Month”, Jim Bendel!  

Jim B.

Jim crafted a gorgeous upcycled wine bar, complete with glass and bottle storage. The piece is all reclaimed and salvaged material. The base is made from two industrial sewing tables, and it even has the original light (with new wiring).

The wood used for the wine bottle holder came from a house over 100 years old. The wood used for the glass storage is flooring from an old barn.

The towel rack pieces came from the sewing machine parts, and he replaced the hole where the machine with reclaimed tile.

Jim wrote, “This was a really fun build, hope you like it.” Well, the voters have spoken, and yes they did!

About Jim

My name is James (Jim) Bendel, and I am from Wilmington, Delaware. I started building things out of reclaimed items and materials to help with the bills when my son was diagnosed with cancer. As of now, my son is 4 years cancer free! A couple times a year, I will build a piece and have it auctioned off, and the money goes to one of our favorite charities.

Thank you for sharing your craftsmanship with us and the rest of the world, Jim.  Enjoy your new KEEN Utility boots!