a table made from a salvaged barrel

Maker of the Month – June

Congratulations to June’s “Maker of the Month”, Scott VanDyke!  


Here’s the story of Scott’s creation his own words:

“At the age of 30, a friend of my stepson decided to become a whiskey distiller. He opened his own distillery called Still 630, and, within three years, he was winning awards nationwide. He established his business on June 30, 2011, hence the name. My stepson filmed a commercial they did on the Mississippi River, using old whiskey barrels to build a raft for the distillery and his dog. After finishing the commercial he had the old whiskey barrels to salvage.”

Filming the commercial with the barrels and dog

“We thought it would be fun to make a coffee table out of one of the barrels he used to start his business.  My stepson was able to secure one of the barrels that he used in the commercial.

We started by cutting the barrel in half making sure to secure enough rivets to ensure the barrel’s integrity.  As with all authentic whiskey barrels, the interior had been charred to enhance the flavor of the whiskey so we had to scrape back all the loose char and coat the interior thoroughly with poly.  We stained the barrel and coated it with poly as well.

Our next task was to create a cradle for the barrel.  We fashioned the cradle out of pine and charred it using a technique called Shou Sugi Ban to give it some character.  We stained and sealed the cradle to make a sturdy base.

For the surface of the table, we used reclaimed white oak boards from a local mill here in St. Louis.  To personalize the top, we used a steel template of the logo for Still 630 and burned it into the wood.  We then stained the wood and sealed with poly to give a nice smooth durable finish.”

“The best part of the project is that we preserved the memory of the Still 630 launch into the distillery business by building a functional, practical and personal tribute to its success.

When we showed it to the Still 630 owner, he was so impressed it is now on display in his lobby!”

Here are a few more pictures of the finished project:

About Scott

My wife and I enjoy the show [“Salvage Dawgs”] and have been to your shop in Roanoke. We always get inspiration from your shop builds on each show. For the last few years we have been collecting odds and ends as well as stocking up on reclaimed wood. We look for ways to repurpose and upcycle our finds into functional and fun pieces. Since we work full time we dedicate time on the weekends to explore our passion.

Thank you for sharing your craftsmanship with us and the rest of the world, Scott.  Enjoy your new KEEN Utility boots!