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Maker of the Month – August

Congratulations to August’s “Maker of the Month”, Paul Lovell, Sr.!

Paul L.

Here’s the story of Paul’s creation in his own words:

“My wife, Jan, and I have been looking to renovate our master bedroom and bath, put a ton of thought into what we were interested in doing, but didn’t really know where to start. THEN, I was watching Black Dog Salvage and saw you guys create a headboard. Since I’ve always piddled around with different wood projects, I figured I could do this but didn’t really know where to start.

Jan and I like to go tripping in our Corvette, so we decided The Biltmore would be an awesome trip, especially when traveling by way of Roanoke, the Blue Ridge Parkway AND, of course, Black Dog Salvage. We had an awesome couple of days at Black Dog, purchasing a few Vette friendly items, but most of all, we walked away with a plan on how we going to proceed with our renovation.”

“Anyway, after returning home, we got in the truck and went shopping. In Waynesville, Ohio, we found a small Salvage outlet, and we came across a couple of 4’ x 8’ lattice panels with several matching trim boards. Guess what, I found our future headboard and all the materials to complete our vision. The story behind the panels is that they were removed from a Catholic Church in Dayton, Ohio and were part of the confessional, couldn’t have a better re-purpose than a headboard.”

“The panels were too large for what I had in mind, so I had to pretty much shorten them in have, then join them together in order to get the width I needed. Much of the lattice was damaged when removing, so I had to take the panels apart and rebuild each panel out of the good materials. The photos pretty much tell the story around the build, but can’t leave out that the finish was using Black Dog Paint purchased at our local Woodcraft store and watching many YouTube videos of Swooz techniques. Huge help!!”

About Paul

My name is Paul Lovell, Sr., and have been retired for 14 years, as I said, piddling on projects of all kinds. We live in Liberty Township, Ohio, south of Dayton and really enjoy your journeys. When we visited your showroom, we weren’t fortunate enough to meet any of the crew, but we are planning a return trip next year, this time with the truck, and I really hope that I can take a tour of your shop area and meet the crew.

Thank you for sharing your craftsmanship with us and the rest of the world, Valerie.  Enjoy your new KEEN Utility boots!