Laura and Swooz sit with Black Dog Salvage furniture paint in Black Dog Salvage's retail showroom

How to Achieve That Vintage Crackle Effect

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a vintage, distressed look on some of your own DIY projects? Crackle painting is an effective way to add some character to those pieces that need a little extra oomph – watch as our Paint Pro, Swooz, shows you just how simple it is to do on your own!

How to Crackle

In order to achieve a unique crackle effect, you’ll need plain ‘ole Elmer’s school glue, the paint of your choice, and an item that’s been needing some TLC. Begin by dispensing the Elmer’s glue into a paper plate or plastic lid and paint it directly onto the surface of the item. Once you have an even coat of glue, let it set until the glue is dry to the touch.

From there, you can begin painting the color of your choice across the glue like you would paint any typical surface. Then just simply sit back and watch as that vintage crackle comes to life! And don’t forget to topcoat your work in order to preserve that beautifully crackled surface, you’ll want it to last!

It’s that easy, so get to cracklin’! Be sure to check out our Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint so you can get the best crackle finish in a gorgeous color of your choosing.