refurbished white cabinet

DIY Inspiration: G.I. Sellers & Sons Cabinet

We are bursting with ideas for this wooden utility closet manufactured by G. I. Sellers & Sons Company. Even though it’s in need of some TLC to get back into tip-top shape, this cabinet still has a lot of life left.
The Dawgs found this while picking through a collector’s warehouse, and it will be featured on season 9 of “Salvage Dawgs”, premiering this Spring on the DIY Network. The plaque above the door displays the name “Sellers, Elwood, Indiana”, and, after some digging, we learned a little history about this old furniture company (at least according to Indiana lore).

George Ira Sellers specialized in stair building then got the idea for manufacturing kitchen cabinets. He started a manufacturing business in 1888. After a fire destroyed his plant, G.I. purchased the Elwood Furniture Company in 1905, and changed the name of the business to “G.I. Sellers & Sons Company”.
The company went out of business in 1951, but the vintage cabinets are still sought after. This piece, in particular, would make a great DIY project. And, when you’re finished, its narrow build gives you oodles of options – storing extra towels and toiletries in the bathroom, organizing child and dog gear in the mud room, stashing extra hats and gloves in the entry hall, or whatever else you can dream up.
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