a hydration station made of architectural salvage

Deschutes Street Pub – Black Dog Salvage Hydration Station

We are proud to debut the new Black Dog Salvage “Hydration Station”, coming to a Deschutes Street Pub (hopefully) near you!

If you have not had the opportunity to experience a Deschutes Street Pub before, we highly encourage you to get out and celebrate great beer and your community!  This year’s Roanoke Street Pub is on Saturday, July 14th – we hope to see you there!

We had the pleasure of partnering with Deschutes for previous Street Pubs here in Roanoke and were honored when they reached out to Black Dog Salvage to help with a new addition to the event.   The goal was simple … bring cold water to the people.  The outcome would become a work of art!

Knowing that this “hydration station” would be traveling from city to city, we needed to design it to load in and load out easily.  A tote pallet offered a perfect solution and became the skeleton for the unit.  Deschutes recommended using a Coldbreak Jockey Box, typically used to pour beer, to cool the water.  We couldn’t leave out the dogs and added bowls made from salvaged Deschutes kegs, complete with push button drains. Self-closing faucets conserve water and pull chains deliver water to the dog bowls below.

With the function in place, all that was left was to create the form. In true Black Dog Salvage style, rustic and industrial elements merge with the use of barn wood, corrugated metal, and stainless steel.    Engineered to be self-contained and easy to operate, the hinged Murphy dog bowls fold up, the jockey box slides out and faucets at each corner distribute excess water.  We searched for a steampunk-inspired centerpiece and hit the jackpot with a salvaged piece of brewery equipment imported from Germany.   This was a truly collaborative effort by our custom design team, masterfully executed by Tay Whiteside.  We are thrilled to have the Black Dog Salvage Hydration Station join the #StreetPub and can’t wait to see it in action!

We invite you to visit us in Roanoke on July 14th and watch the Hydration Station build on Season 9 of Salvage Dawgs (this episode’s original air date is 6/24/18)!