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Day 4 of 10 Days of Giveaways – Robo Reel

Day 4 — Robo Reel Powered Hose Reel

Congrats to winner, Barb Granger!

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For the fourth day of our giveaways, you can enter to win a Robo Reel powered hose reel. These bad boys have been a staple here in our custom fabrication shop. They are always handy when we need to plug in a different tool, and they eliminate the hassle of tripping over and wrapping up conventional extension cords at the end of the day.

These hose reels store the cords all the way, every time at the push of a button, which is an improvement over conventional cord reels that can lose spring tension over time. These reels certainly take a beating from our Crew, and they never stop working. It’s nice not having to worry about how to plug in your tools…just reach for the Robo Reel!