Pup of the Game

Black Dog Salvage proud sponsor of the Rail Yard Dawgs “Pup of the Game”

Black Dog Salvage has been proud to sponsor a “Pup of the Game” at each Rail Yard Dawgs home game this season and looks forward to continuing the program for the 2018-19 season.  To date, 23 dogs available for adoption from the Roanoke Valley Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RVSPCA) have been showcased and 21 have found permanent homes.

“We are extremely thankful to Black Dog Salvage and the Rail Yard Dawgs for making it possible to bring attention to these homeless dogs,” said Sylvie Peterson, Director of Community Engagement for the RVSPCA.  “Whether the Pup of the Game is a young puppy or a senior dog, they enjoy all of the extra affection and a few well-deserved treats at each event.  The fans have been really supportive and always go out of their way to meet the featured pups.  It has truly been a wonderful experience and has certainly had a positive impact on their adoptions.”

Black Dog Salvage, where you’ll find the reigning “Black Dog”, Sally, waiting to greet customers, has always been an advocate for homeless animals.  The next generation of “black dogs”, Molly May and Stella, were both adopted from shelters. Stella was adopted locally from the RVSPCA and is now lovingly known as the “shop dog”. The nationally-recognized salvage and reclamation business also offers discounts to customers who donate pet food to the RVSPCA’s PET (Pets Eat Too) Program.

“While we’ve always found ways to support the RVSPCA, we saw the opportunity to do more when hockey made its return to Roanoke,” said Christa Stephens, Black Dog Salvage Branding & Promotions Director.  “Inaugural Coach Ftorek’s wife, Misty, was the one who first suggested the Pup of the Game idea, as they had seen success with a similar program with the K-Wings at their previous home in Kalamazoo.  We knew it was the perfect opportunity to shine a bigger spotlight on these wonderful animals and to bring everything full circle.”


photo credits @fabfourfan via Twitter

At each home game, fans can find the “Pup of the Game” outside of the arena’s outer concourse at Gate 8 starting at 5:30 pm.  During the first period, the Rail Yard Dawgs’ Bud Light Ice Girls introduce the pup to the arena on the video board.  After the start of the second period, the dogs head back to the Roanoke Valley SPCA to be visited or, even better, adopted.  The shelter is located at 1340 Baldwin Avenue in Roanoke and is open daily from 12pm-6pm.

“Both our staff and our fans have had a blast with the Pup of the Game promotion this season,” said Alexandra Martin, Director of Corporate Partnerships & Marketing for the Rail Yard Dawgs. “Everyone knows to stop by and see the featured pup before the puck drops and we are thrilled to see so many adoptions have come from it!”

Roanoke hockey fans have three more opportunities to meet the “Pups of the Game” with the Dawgs playing at The Berglund Center on March 24th, 30th, and 31st.  To learn more about the two pups still looking for homes, please visit their pages June and Lucy in the RVSPCA’s adoption gallery.