Mix It Up!

Spring was always a fun time on the family farm with newborn calves, flowers popping up, trees beginning to bud — and lots of mud.

The palette this month, as I am sure you can tell, is reminiscent of that age-old tradition of dying Easter eggs in the kitchen. My cousins and I used to do ours at the farmhouse with my Grandma Yoo-Hoo. Bright pink, yellow, blue, purple, and green – all the colors missing from the landscape, but soon to appear.

I remember the Saturday nights before Easter Sundays most of all. I would crawl up into my grandfather Papa’s lap and hand him a clear wax crayon and a hardboiled egg and ask him to draw a horse on it for me. It was magic. How he could see that clear wax on a white egg mystified me! But every time, when I dunked that egg into the cup of dye, the horse appeared, and it was always perfect!

Papa was a lawyer-turned-gentleman farmer in his retirement, but he was always an artist at his core. The last 20- years of his professional life he worked as an advertising executive in Chicago. He taught me how to appreciate color, build on it, and use it to create a theme in a room or a painting. He was so happy when I declared my college majors as Fine Art and Interior Design.

April is all about family, special memories, warmer days, and this wonderful season of Color!

Try out my new spring recipes and share your favorites: send me your Before & After project shots at  shudson@blackdogsalvage.com. Who knows, we may feature it in one of our posts!

Happy Mixing!


Color Recipes

2023 April Showers Color Recipes:

Tickled Pink:

1 part Appalachian Sunset + 2  parts Clean Canvas

Baby Chick:

1 part Baby I’m Amaized + 1 part Star City Sunshine


1 part Patinio Greenio + 1 part Roanoke Rain

Retro Blue:

2 parts Clean Canvas + 1 part Keep It Teal


2 parts Clean Canvas + 1 part That’s Gonna Leave a Mark + 1 part Blue Ridge

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is completely mixable which means you can create your own colors using any of the pre-mixed hues.

Adding Clean Canvas (our true white) will allow you to create a “tint” or lighter shade of any of the colors. Adding Black Dog Black will allow you to create a “shade” or darker hue of any of the colors.

Visit our website for more color combinations!   With 16 gorgeous pre-mixed colors, the color combinations are endless!  Click HERE for more recipes.