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July Picnic Color Recipes

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Happy Birthday America! Land of the Free and the Brave, Fireworks, County Fairs, Three Legged Races, Sparklers, and my favorite….Family Reunions!

The Fourth of July would not be the Fourth without the colors Red, White and Blue! So, we are featuring ‘”I Need a Bandage“(red), “Clean Canvas“(white), and as you know….one of my favorites, “Blue Ridge“(blue) this month as our patriotic colors.

While we celebrate our country and her patriotic colors, we also want to recognize the other side of the Fourth….family and friends. We gather over the Fourth, not only to see fireworks, but to be together, get back to our roots. And if that isn’t possible, we can create our own original “Fourth of July” traditions.

I spent most 4ths on the family farm in SW Michigan. My grandmother, “Yoo-Hoo”, was the QUEEN of fried chicken. No one, and I mean NO ONE could fry chicken like my Yoo-Hoo! Her potato salad was killer too, with just the right amount of celery and egg. Everything she prepared for our 4th of July picnic at Three Sister’s Lake was fresh, delicious, and made with love.

This July I have prepared a picnic basket of delectable colors:

Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, and Dill Pickle — three new additions for our growing collection of color recipes. Fried Chicken is a warm neutral resembling the crispy skin of my grandmother’s fried chicken. Potato Salad is a pale yellow, the perfect mix of egg yolk and mayo. Dill Pickle, a crisp summer treat, is a pale green complimenting the other two. Add to the mix the refreshing pink of Watermelon and the pale, creamy, orange of Cantaloupe. The perfect summer combo! All these colors put together would make a beautiful, visually pleasing plaid!

Try them out! I believe you will find this collection of summer colors comforting and inviting.

Be Safe and remember to secure your pets before the fireworks are lit.
Happy July!


Color Recipes

2023 July Picnic Color Recipes:


2 parts Clean Canvas + 1 part I Need A Bandage


2 parts Clean Canvas + 1 part Appalachian Sunset + 1 part Caution: Dogs at Work

Potato Salad:

2 parts Clean Canvas + 1 part Baby I’m Amaized

Dill Pickle:

2 parts Patinio Greenio + 1 part Galvanized

Fried Chicken:

2 parts Dirt + 2 parts Caution: Dogs at Work + 1 part Galvanized

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is completely mixable which means you can create your own colors using any of the pre-mixed hues.

Adding Clean Canvas (our true white) will allow you to create a “tint” or lighter shade of any of the colors. Adding Black Dog Black will allow you to create a “shade” or darker hue of any of the colors.

Visit our website for more color combinations!   With 16 gorgeous pre-mixed colors, the color combinations are endless!  Click HERE for more recipes.