Best Ratings Ever!

Hello Salvagers,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Record numbers of you tuned in this past Sunday to watch Captain Silo and the Dawgs conquer salvage adventures and we really appreciate it!

Let’s keep the momentum going this week with a trip to Wild, Wonderful Parkersburg, West Virginia forWV Denny a ride on an authentic Sternwheeler. Then it’s on to Wheeling to reclaim arched doors & windows from a city apartment building.

To wow us this week, our Knights in Shining Armor have arrived! Okay, more like knights in dented tin. The knights didn’t stand guard for long before, one by one, they departed. Alas, what is a Dame to do?

Who’s ready for an excellent DIY project? Salvaged wood trim is the perfect material to use for picture framing. Courtney works in the shop to craft a mirror frame from an abundance of salvaged trim and brings her sculpture skills with her to really turn this one into a showpiece; a touch of subtle color gives it the final polish.

Ah, the dulcet tones of a calliope. Who are we kidding? It’s loud, it’s mildly irritating and it’s heavy. Let’s Go, Dawgs! We help our good friend, Captain Heck, discharge a calliope from his paddle wheel boat, P.A.PA Denny calliope Denny. This was just a removal job for us and we know you’re disappointed you can’t visit the store to give it a whirl. We did get a chance to do a little picking at the Mountain State Steel Foundry where Heck has amassed 50,000 sq. ft. of industrial and nautical finds. Not featured in this episode are piles of large, wooden foundry patterns that are dwindling fast because of their sculptural shapes, bright color and patina.

Our 2nd episode of the evening finds the youngins come to the shop with a 3-foot tall Betty Boop statue, the boys get a little googlie-eyed and we get a quick lesson in Betty lore from Mike & Ted. Sorry guys, she boop-oop-a-dooped right out of the store just a few weeks ago; flappers can be so fickle.

The shop taps deep into their varied resources this week to construct a completely original Wine Tasting Table. This great collaborative piece between the wood shop and the iron shop brings diverse elements like a hand-turned wood bowl, a vintage iron light post and barrel staves together. It’s a unique table with a small footprint; making it a perfect buy for any wine enthusiast who loves to play host.

In Wheeling, the Dawgs salvage the upper floors of an apartment building built in the late 1800’s. While the A Team coax 100-year-old plinth blocks and trim off the wall, Team B takes to the 3rd Floor to tackle plumbing and wrestle it down to the sidewalk. There were a few exercises in futility with splintering wood and stay put ceramic tile, but extraction of the cast iron sink and tub went smoothly even without an elevator.

Be stunned as nearly seven feet of Tay folds into 4 feet of tub, be astounded as Grayson catches flying gray WV aptdoor jambs
and be amazed as Mike abstains from throwing salvage down the stairs!

We’re getting so near the end – only three episodes left! Tune in Sunday night at 9pm EDT on the DIY Network!

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